Take GED Test Online

Taking a GED Test Online Is Not Allowed

take GED test online

take GED test online

Online testing is nothing new to today’s society. Student exams and employee assessments are a few examples of the many tests that are being conducted online. Thus, it is natural for GED test takers to wonder, “Can I also take GED test online?” Sadly, the answer is a resounding no. Although being able to take the GED online would seem more convenient to everybody, there are good reasons why that is not yet allowed.

For starters, it is too difficult to regulate online testing. It would be impossible to tell if the test taker had someone there to take the test with him, or if that someone simply just took the test for that person. By administrating the test in person at an official GED Testing Center, the GED Testing Service is able to ensure that everybody has an equal and fair opportunity to pass the test. In addition to cheating, administrating a GED test online may also be problematic if the test taker experiences technical difficulties, whereas almost nothing can go wrong with a paper and pencil.

To find a GED Testing Center near your location, all you need to do is visit www.gedtest.org, and click on the link that says “Locate Testing Center”. You will then be redirected to another web page where you are prompted to enter your zip code, and after that, a list of all GED Testing Centers near your location will appear. To register for the test at a testing location, you will need to contact the center through email or phone, or use their online GED registration service (if that is available).

It is understandable why people with honest intentions still wish the GED Test was available online. Often times, our lives are so packed with work or family that it is very difficult to allocate time to drive all the way to a GED Testing Center and take an exam that goes on for hours. True, it would be so much more convenient if we were able to sit down in front of a computer and complete the exam whenever we wanted. Fewer resources would be required for online testing and grading exams would be a lot easier too. Unfortunately, that kind of service is not yet available, so it is important to remember that any site you see that claim that you can take the GED test online is fraudulent.