Practice Makes Perfect GED Math Practice Test

Practice Makes Perfect: GED Math Practice Test

GED Math Practice Test

GED Math Practice Test

Like most subjects, math requires a person to constantly drill themselves with questions in order for him to become familiar with the subject. Because many test takers have the most difficulty with the math portion of the GED, the only way for them to be more prepared is to do more problems. Thus, people having trouble with the math section of the GED test are constantly looking for a GED math practice test to do. Anybody who has done some serious searching will know that there are plenty of these resources online for GED test takers to use.

Many online GED academies or learning centers often have samples of GED math practice tests for people to try out. Although it is impossible to tell how realistic these tests are, it is fair to assume that the results of these tests gives the test taker a rough idea how he or she will perform on the math section of the real GED exam. Most GED math practice tests offered online are shorter too, so those tests do not fully factor in a person’s mental endurance into the results.

If individuals are willing to spend the money, they can also purchase GED math practice exam booklets that usually contain around five full fledged GED practice exams in that section for a person to complete. This is usually a last option for people who have exhausted all their online resources and simply just want some more practice. Although it may a bit difficult to find GED preparation booklets that only contain practice math exams, they do exist, so a bit of searching is required.

If you want an accurate estimate of your performance on an actual math GED test, then you can buy an official math GED practice test from the GED Testing Services at On their front page, you click on the link that says, “Take the Official Practice Test Online” to be redirected to another site where you can purchase an official GED math test for ten dollars. Since the practice tests are written by the creators of the actual GED test, the official practice test is just like the actual test and returns an accurate measurement of how well you will perform on the actual test at your current level. This is especially useful if you are trying to determine if you are ready for the real test or not.