Printable GED Practice Test

Preparing For the GED with a Pencil, Paper, and a Printable GED Practice Test

Printable GED Practice Test

Printable GED Practice Test

Often times, the best way to prepare for an exam is to simulate it by taking a practice exam under real testing conditions, because this way, test takers can work on their timing and train their mental endurance. The GED test is no exception. There are factors such as time pressure and the ability to mark up passages that cannot be replicated with an online test. Thus, the best way to get accustomed to the actual exam is to print out a practice test, sit down, and complete it under the appropriate time limits.

Well, where does one find a printable GED practice test? If you search around the web, there are actually many free GED tests from various providers that individuals can use at their disposal. Most of these tests, however, are only a portion of the whole test, and a fee is usually required to purchase the full version of a printable GED test. For people willing to spend the money, having a full practice test to do is useful, since detailed answers and explanations are usually included to help an individual recognize where their mistakes are; on the other hand, a free partial exam won’t have those benefits, but it can still provide those individuals with sufficient practice.

One place where you will definitely be able to print past GED test questions is from the official GED website at Although a full practiced GED test is not available, the questions that are provided on the website are ones that have actually appeared on GED exams before, so it is recommended to print the questions out and do them for not only practice, but also to gain a better understanding of the type of questions asked.

An alternative to printing out GED practice tests is to buy the practice tests in the form of books. For example, the 5 GED Practice Tests workbook by Princeton Review, just like its name implies, offers five full GED tests for a person to complete. Also, the difficulty level and similarity to the actual GED test of these workbooks are generally more accurate than the free printable practice tests found online.  These books can be bought for less than fifteen dollars, but if that is still too expensive, you can go to your local library and try to find GED preparation books, which should also contain a few practice tests inside.

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