General Equivalency Diploma

General Equivalency Diploma, a Substitute High School Degree

General Equivalency Diploma


The general equivalency diploma is a high school degree given out to those unable to earn a high school diploma, but can still pass a test to show they have a solid academic background. The general equivalency diploma is also known by other names, such as general education diploma, general equivalency degree, general education development, or just GED for short. Everyone who is unable to earn a high school diploma should try to earn a GED, because that will allow people access to a lot more opportunities, both in education and in employment. When people see that you have a GED, they recognize that you have a solid academic background and will treat you better because you have that certification.

The GED isn’t so much different from the test high school students need to take to receive their diploma. The GED measures a test taker’s knowledge in the five basic subject areas of math, science, social studies, reading comprehension, and writing. A GED is in no way easier than any other high school exit examination, so individuals must prepare and study if they want to do well on the GED exam. Statistically, one out of every three GED test takers fail to pass the exam, and if an individual does pass, that means he or she is ranked among the top fortieth percentile of all high school students nationwide.

Despite what it sounds like, everyone can easily get a GED if they are willing to put in the work. There are an abundance of GED study guides, practice tests, and lessons that can be found for free online to help people review and prepare. Also, many local libraries carry GED preparation books, which are tremendously helpful since everything you need to know is all in that one book, eliminating the need to go search around for information. With the vast amount of GED preparation resources available, you can prepare for test completely free of charge.

The actual GED test itself is around seven hours long. While some testing locations allow you to divide the test among multiple days, some locations are less flexible and require test takers to finish the test in one sitting. That is why it is important, when selection a GED Testing Center, to try and find one that allows you to spread out the GED test because people perform far better when their minds are refreshed.

General Equivalency Diploma — Many jurisdictions award honors level equivalency diplomas/general equivalency diplomas.…