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Online GED, Can It Be Done?

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It would be rather safe to assume that one could get their GED online. After all, many other tests have been administered online before, and being able to earn your online GED  is not only convenient, but also saves money. Unfortunately, you cannot completely get your GED online.

Online GED – Rules and Regulations

There are no rules or regulations preventing a person from using online GED exam resources to help them prepare for their test. In fact, it is encouraged for people to use online GED tests and GED study guides to help practice for test, which can all be found for free. Some online GED preparation resources require payment, but those are usually low-cost and worth the price, since publishers will have gathered and organized all the information you need to know into a single study guide or pamphlet.

Online GED – What you can and cannot do

What you can’t do online, though, is take the actual GED test. The GED exam, by law, can only be taken at an official GED Testing Center. Online GED Testing is not yet available because there is simply no known way to regulate cheating. If someone were to give you help, or simply take the test for you, no one would know. Also technical problems and connectivity issues are more things that the GED Testing Service cannot afford to deal with at the moment. By administering the test in person, the GED Testing Service is able to ensure that every test taker has an equal and fair chance to pass the GED exam.

It is important to realize that any online site that claims you can take the GED test on them and receive an accredited GED diploma is a fraudulent organization. There are many of these sites that steal money away from unsuspecting customers who are simply looking for an easy way to get their GED, and it is crucial not to become one of their victims. As of right now, no other organization besides the State Board of Education has the right to distribute official GED certifications, and those can only be earned by taking the GED test at an official GED Testing Center.

So to answer the question, “Can I get my GED online?”, the answer is both a yes and a no. You can certainly use online resources to help you get your online GED, but the actual process of taking the exam to earn the certification must be done in person.