GED online for free?

You Can Get Your GED, Just Not Online, and Not For Free

In the busy, busy world we live in today, convenience is a luxury that doesn’t come often. That is why when people hear that they can get their GED online for free, they immediately sign up for whatever program that makes that claim without checking its legitimacy first. It is then frustrating to find out later on that those programs are actually scams.

It’s a fact that no one is able to earn an official GED online for free. The GED test that must be taken prior to receiving a GED is mandated by the law to be administered in person at an official GED Testing Center. The problem with earning a GED online is that there is no way to tell if another person were to take the GED for someone else. This, however, does not mean you cannot prepare for the GED online. There are a lot of valuable, free resources an individual can use to prepare for the GED test. If people search hard enough, they are bound to come across various GED study guides and practice tests they can use. Another option is to also visit your local library. Libraries may contain GED test preparation books, which are one of the most effective ways to prepare for the test because it allows an individual to cater their studying to their own strength and weaknesses. For example, if someone has more difficulty with the math portion of the GED than any other section, then he or she can spend more time studying and reviewing the math portion of that book.

It is unfortunate that even if you manage to avoid spending money on test preparation, you will have to spend money on test registration. Registration fees can vary from thirty to seventy-five dollars depending on the state you are in, so it is ideal to pass the GED exam on the first try. If the whole test registration fee is still too high for you to manage, you can try appealing to your state’s department of social services for financial assistance. If you are lucky, they may subsidize up to half the registration fee.

It cannot be stressed enough that there is no way to earn a free GED completely online. Thus, always be wary to sites that claim it is possible, since earning a GED does require you, at one point, to be separated from your computer.