Free GED Diploma Online

Free Online GED Diploma, Too Good To Be True?

GED diploma online, Online school

GED diploma online, Online school

Those who browse the web seeking to earn their GED diploma online without having to spend a penny will be presented with various “legitimate” organizations that allow you to take the GED test online.  Unfortunately, there are two things that are wrong with this scenario: you cannot earn a GED diploma online, and there is no such thing as a “free” GED diploma.

First off, all GED tests taken in an attempt to earn the GED certification must be taken at an official GED Testing Center. This way, the GED Testing Service can ensure that everyone taking the GED test will have an equal opportunity to succeed. Online GED testing is not available because there is no way to regulate cheating. Thus, all the online sites that claim to have the rights to distribute GED diplomas are phonies, because GED diplomas can only be distributed by the State Board of Education. It is absolutely fine, though, for individuals to use free GED materials found online to help them prepare for the test; they just aren’t allowed to take it. If people look hard enough, they will discover that the Internet contains a large variety of GED practice questions, GED practice tests, and even GED study guides for all five subjects contained in the exam (math, writing, reading, social studies, science).

Second of all, a GED costs money. When you register for the test at an official GED Testing Center, there is a registration fee that can range from thirty to seventy-five dollars, depending on the state you are located in. Although it is not required, it is highly recommended for GED test takers to also allocate some money to purchase a GED preparation book, since those books contains all the information and test-taking tips and techniques a person needs to know to be successful on the exam. Most books also contain practice exams for a person to complete to help them get accustomed to the testing format and identify where their weaknesses lie. This option may not be cheap, but it is certainly better than having to pay the expensive test registration fee again after a failed attempt to pass.

In summary, there is no such thing as a free online GED diploma. The law mandates that the GED test must be administered in person, and a registration fee is required to take the test, so this case is closed.