Accredited Online GED Myth or Fact

Accredited Online GED: Myth or Fact?

Accredited Online GED, Computer Testing

Accredited Online GED, Computer Testing

Individuals who are unfamiliar with the GED and how it works may encounter many online sites that claim that with their programs, customers are able to earn to an accredited GED online. Unfortunately, this is not true for many different reasons. The important thing to know is that any site that claims to have the authority to award accredited GEDs online is always a scam.

The main reason why it’s not yet possible to earn a accredited online GED is because there is no way to regulate cheating if people take the GED test online. Another person could come take the GED test in your place, and no one would be able to tell. To earn a GED, people must take the GED exam at an official Testing Center. This way, the GED Testing Service can ensure that all test takers have an equal chance and fair opportunity to pass the test.

Also, as of right now, no one has the right to authenticate GED certifications besides the State Board of Education. They have not accredited any online institution or academy to be able to distribute GEDs, so the claim many phony sites make is definitely not true. And, the only way to get a GED diploma from the State Board of Education is – you guessed it – to take and pass the GED exam at an official GED Testing Center.

It is also easy to tell if a site is real or not. Many online institutions, in order to prove their legitimacy, claim to be accredited by various agencies. People tend to believe those institutions because the agencies have very professional names, but if they simply conduct a web search of those agencies, and almost all the time they will find that those “accredited” agencies don’t even exist.

Just to clarify, sites that claim you can earn an accredited online GED are scams. That does not mean all sites that involve GEDs are false and misleading; in fact, there are many helpful online sites that assist people in preparing for the GED test. These sites often contain practice problems, practice tests, study guides, or review tips and techniques to help individuals be successful in passing the GED exam. Of course, it is still up to a person’s good judgment to determine if the sites are legitimate or not, especially the ones that ask for any kind of credit card information.